Hope for Change 5

Change? Why?

I hope we are self-aware enough to know our need of change, and continued need of change.

Isn’t it true that we come to “Hope” as we are?

An emphatic “yes”, is my answer.  We keep coming to “Hope” needy as we are.  

That being said, receiving mercy, grace,and love, from “Hope”, though we are truly unacceptable in the condition we are in, doesn’t mean we accept our unacceptable selves that remain.  The part of us that rebels against and truly hates “Hope”. The part of us that continues to look for hope, comfort, and pleasure in places far away from “Hope” and the graces and knowledge of Himself, He has given us to live on, in, and through.  We must continue to “call out” and “hate” this self. We can hate and reject this self, and at the same time rejoice in “Hope” because “Hope” doesn’t count the doings of this “self”, against us. As we tend to do, damning our whole persons or the whole persons of others, because of the evil “self”, we continue to carry.

So as we come to “Hope” and keep coming to “Hope” lets know our continued distance from Him, and need of turning from false hopes, to true Hope.  Do know that “Hope” is merciful and gracious with us with our failings when we come to Him needy.

To love our whole persons and the whole persons of others is to acknowledge and hate the evil “self” within ourselves and others while loving and empathizing with the whole person diseased with this “self”.  

We do well to love whole persons acknowledging our universally diseased state which is yet to be fully cured.  Some have got a taste of the cure and the goodness and kindness of “Hope”, but this is a taste. We look forward to the being fully cured from our diseased state.


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